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SPINit is an NMR spectrometry acquisition software that comes with the spectrometry products from RS2D company. My main contributions to it are RMN signal processing and automatic procedures (e.g. automatic probe tuning and automatic field homogenization).


PRim is an MRI preclinical acquisition software that comes with the making products from RS2D company. My main contributions to it are MRI signal reconstruction, image post-processing and automatic procedures (e.g. automatic field homogenization).


See Imagej’s website.

Chromatic aberrations correction in confocal microscopy

Despite modern confocal microscopes are diffraction limited, chromatic aberrations might be critical for the study of small structures (typically near maximal resolution). With the help of micro-beads, the chromatic shift field can be reconstructed and used to correct such artefact in images.

Non-local means denoising for biological images

Two of the limiting factor of fluorescent microscopy of alive embryos is the amount of light available and the efficiency of the fluorescent marker. The resulting images are usually noisy that can be removed by an appropriate modeling of the noise and an efficient denoising algorithm.

Illumination bias correction in electron microscopy images of mouse’s embryos

One major acquisition artefact of electron microscopy is the illumination bias. Since in cells electron microscopy images there is no regions of homogeneous intensities, the classical correction methods cannot be applied. Instead, a constrained modeling of the illumination over the whole field of view is used.

Baby Brain Toolkit (BTK)

Baby Brain Toolkit (BTK)

BTK is a collections of open-source command-line programs (main applications and utilities) that are used for image processing of MRI fetal brain images. My contributions to this project are mainly about neural network reconstruction, developmental trajectory modeling and cortical features selection.

See GitHub repository.

KDE / Linux


Digikam is an open-source advanced photography management and editor. My contributions to this software are mainly about image processing, such as plug-ins for smart scaling and for local contrast adjustments.

See Digikam’s website.